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Lomalinda University Professor - Redefining Mark of the Beast

Watch video here: “The Coming Sunday Law Dilemma” featuring Dr. Jon Paulien, a leading scholar and professor at Loma Linda University.

Dr Jon Paulien, before his presentation, was introduced by his colleague and described as:

Minute 13:48 – “Our speaker tonight as we come to the conclusion of this symposium is once again Dr. Jon Paulien. I got to tell you that Dr. Paulien is a legend in the AdventistChurch when it comes to the book of Revelation. He’s this big in name scholar that has been at it for a long time. He knows his stuff inside and out … All I would like to say in the introduction tonight is, ‘Thank you, sir.’ You have been a blessing to us for many, many years. You’ve presented globally, you have written books, you have published articles, you have really invested your life in these topics, and for us. Thank you.”

JON PAULIEN Redefined the Mark of the Beast:

Minute 17:45 – The biblical evidence does not speak of Sunday as such, but it speaks about a counterfeit of the Sabbath being critical to the mark of the beast at the end of time. And we noticed that there were four possibilities and four options for a counterfeit. One would be a different day than the Sabbath, and Sunday would be an example of that. A second option is that every day is the Sabbath, which means that no day would have any special significance. The third is that no day is the Sabbath. Sabbath was simply abolished by Jesus and therefore we can worship on any day that we choose. And finally, some sort of legislation to forbid Sabbath-keeping would be option number 4. So within exegeses of the biblical text you do have options for understanding what the mark of the beast will actually turn out to be.”

Minute 28:12 – “The idea of a world-wide Sunday law made a lot of sense back then. The world was quite different than today. So we should not assume that after the passage of more than one hundred and fifty years that every detail would necessarily be fulfilled.”

Minute 30:00Great Controversy fits perfectly with exactly what was happening in the world in the 1880s… I think we make the mistake in putting lines in the sand and saying it must happen exactly this way when in fact we see God being creative, not always predictable … things have changed in the world. If God was giving a prophecy today it wouldn’t sound like what was given back then because we are in a different world, different language, different circumstances, different time and place.

Minute 54:54 – “I believe it is unwise to use this particular idea (Sunday laws) as the sign of the end. As the one thing that we are all looking for to say, ‘Yea I think we’re in the final crisis.’ In the end it may happen in surprising ways. You see, after all, Ellen White spoke about Sunday legislation throughout her life. It was there, over 100 statements. There was legislation all through those decades that she served in her ministry. So the idea of Sunday being particularly significant to the mark of the beast certainly was a common theme in her writings. But the idea of a specific legislation in Congress, that’s the key idea that gets people excited. And that occurs only in statements around 1888 through 1890 … There was a specific context that called for that specificity. But to assume that this exact context will repeat itself at the end, it’s not a safe assumption.”