The SDR Church of Nicholas Patula openly declares that some SOP books are unsafe yet he is using them in his website. He also said in public that the only source for the original books is yet he is using books that are not even sold at vbates online store.

One hour with the beast page
Prophets and Kings is being used which he said belongs to unsafe books. Vern bates' online store confirms this books is only sold at the SDA book store.

SOP on Latter Rain page
1. Ye Shall Receive Power - a book that is not sold at which he claims is the only source of original SOP books
2. Great Controversy 1888 - a book he said belongs to unsafe SOP books

Other books being used but not sold at vern bates store: Prayer, In Heavenly Places, Last Day Events 1992, Lift Him Up, and many more

Seven Last Plagues
1. Last Day Events -