truth behind covid-19

What people are not being told about COVID-19. Find out the truth...

sdr apostasy

The falling away of the Seventh Day Remnant Church. Beware of this dangerous, lukewarm, professed Christian church.

fema camps to sunday laws

From saying these camps are for COVID high risk patients to a place for all those who will refuse to obey New Word Religious Laws...


Who is the true God? Trinity? Godhead? Oneness? Twoness? Find out what the Bible says.


A short compilation that will shed some light regarding Islam.

PUrgatory Exposed

Where in the Bible is the doctrine of purgatory? Find out the truth if it is biblical or not.


Did the men of God celebrate birthday? Find out what the Bible says.

does god approve fortune-telling?

Find the truth about horoscope, ouija board, astrology, astronomy, crystal ball, etc


The history of Halloween is pure evil! Find out and spread the truth about this wicked pagan tradition.


Find out how the Seventh Day Adventist General Conference has fallen into apostasy of falsehood, lies, corruption and worldliness.

magicians left a message

The magicians and witches have left a message to preach unto all nations, a comet is going to destroy this earth by 2030. Meet Enki (Encke).