Questions for candidates for Baptism

Name: _______________________________________

  1. What do you believe regarding the Godhead and the Trinity?

  2. What do you believe about the Bible?

  1. What are the Biblical requirements in order to enter heaven?

  2. How does God talk to us and what is the result when you constantly commune with Him?

  3. How does a son of God hasten the coming of Jesus Christ?

  4. How do you apply the principles of sanctification regarding the following:


Dress and attire:

Cosmetics and Jewelries:

Card playing:

Competitive sports:



Reading (Novels, Fictions, Tales, Fables):



Watching television:





Politics (campaign, election and voting):

Pagan celebrations (Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, Birthday, Festivals, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc):

      1. Do you believe that the Bible teaches a proper church organization?

      2. Do you believe that as a member of God's church, you have a duty to help sustain the ministry by returning to God His tithes and offerings?

      3. Do you believe that as a follower of Christ, you must participate in the ordinance of Humility and Last Supper? What is the meaning of these services?

      4. What do you believe about baptism and what is it symbolizing?

      5. What happens to a person when he dies?

      6. Who will receive eternal life and when is it received?

      7. When Christ ascended to Heaven, what work did He start to perform? What apartment in the sanctuary did it happen?

      8. What happened in October 22, 1844? What kind of work did Jesus start to do and where did He do it?

      9. What will happen in the second coming of Jesus Christ?

      10. What will happen during the millenium or 1000 years?

      11. What will happen after 1000 years when Jesus, the saints and the Holy City descend to earth?

      12. What is the meaning and teaching of the 3 angels of Revelation 14?

        a. first angel

        b. second angel

        c. third angel

      13. What is the true Sabbath day and when does Sabbath day begin?

      14. What is the mark of the beast and how is it going to be enforced?

      15. Who is the antichrist?

      16. What do you believe regarding the signs of the true church of God in the last days?

      17. What do you believe regarding the life and ministry of Ellen G. White?

      18. What do you believe about the Loud Cry?

      19. What do you believe regarding Revelation 18:4, “18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

      20. What do you believe regarding all the apostate church including the SDA church?

      21. Do you believe that we have to separate ourselves from all fallen churches including the SDA church?

      22. Do you believe that all fallen churches including the SDA church daughters of Babylon?

      23. Do you believe that the fallen churches' probation has closed but that their members still have the chance to repent and be separate from them?

      24. Do you believe that if you continue to be connected with all fallen churches by fellowship and financial support that you too will be partakers of the judgment of God for them?

      25. Do you believe that all members of the church of God must work and do all they can to spread the gospel message to all people within their reach and that if they fail to do this the blood of these souls will be required of them?