Background Music for Video-making

Above the Hill

Above The World

Anointed Soldier

Battle Recovery

Battle Thought

Extol Thee

Fallen Soldiers

Few In Victory


Go With God

Harvest Time

Healing Time

In The Clouds

In Thee I Put My Trust


Join The Ranks

Lasting Love

Many Wounded

March To The Battle

Mount Up For The Battle

Over the Hill

Peace In The Battle

Peace Time

Prepare For War

Press Forward

Relax Over


Rumors of War

Sad Days

Shake Off The Dust

Silent Night

Sneak Attack

Sound The Trumpets

Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud

Strike Fast

Surrounding The Enemy

The Awakening

The Battle Cry

The Battle's Sorrows

The Cries of War

The Dream Begins

The Heavenly Alliance

The Night After War

The Night Before The Battle

The Path Of Destruction

The Race

The Soldier's Destiny

The Soldier's Destiny

The Walk

The Watchmen

There Coming To Destroy The Wicked

Time Is Short

Time of the End

Times Are Hard

To The Sky

Training For War

Unity Among Us



Victory Is Coming

Wage War

Wait For The Call

Water In A Glass

Waves of Life

We Are Not Alone